Colourful portrait
Author painting technique: acrylics on paper
Video lesson:
What is the workshop about?
Learn painting technique
For more than 10 years of her work with acrylic paint, Svetlana Rumak has created several original author techniques of painting with acrylics on paper and canvas.
During 3 hours of the workshop, you'll have the chance to study thoroughly one of the original techniques: acrylics on paper, which was named by Svetlana as "Colourful".
Practice the technique
Original "Colourful" technique is one of the first Svetlana's inventions. For all these years, so many unique approaches to depict objects and textures appeared, that she had to divide the material into 3 workshops - "Colourful portrait", "Colourful still life. Flowers in a glass vase" and "Colourful still life. Pears and Grapes".

In this video lesson, under Svetlana's guidance, you will apply the technique and explore all the nuances in practice, creating stylized portrait.
Review the basics
You'll review the basics of depicting objects in volume with the help of light and shadow (this information is especially helpful for newbies in art). You'll practice several unique tips and tricks of how to depict volume in this very technique.

Will learn how to create unusual compositions in a playful and effortless way, learn how to make the work "complete" and at the same time not "worn out", keeping it unique with lightness and ease.
Paint two works
Guided by Svetlana, each participant will paint 2 (and some even 4!) small size works on the paper.
Right after the payment, each participant gets the link to the closed Facebook and Vkontakte groups (you can choose the one you find more convenient). You can ask any questions connected with preparation to the workshops before it starts and once started, you can post your works there.

Svetlana will comment the results and give individual consultations during and at the end of the video lesson.

The access to the groups isn't limited in gime which gives opportunity to come back to all the materials after the workshops. You can also find info about new video lessons and workshops there.
Recommendations on presenting your artwork
At the end of the lesson Svetlana will recommend how to mount, frame and present your artwork.
Questions and answers
Last part of the lesson is devoted to questions which participants asked in the groups and works discussion.
A beginner? You can do it! :)
The programme of the workshop has been perfected for 5 years and at the dozens of classes. Even complete newbies, who never touched a paintbrush before, achieve great results!)

The technique is divided into several simple and clear stages.

We are not going to use any professional terms which are difficult to understand. All the info will be presented in the extremely clear way.

Each technique and stage will be shown again and again so you don't need to worry that you won't understand or will miss anything.

All the participants will have enough amount of time to practice on their own and apply learned technique.

At the end of the lesson we'll revise everything once again and write it down.
For kids
Judging by our experience, this workshop is suitable for children aged 8 years and up, but it depends on many factors like - diligence, desire to study painting etc.
We recommend kids under 8 participating in the workshop with adults.
The video lesson is 3 hours long!
Recorded with two cameras at the same time.
You'll find this video lesson helpful if:
I can't paint at all!

Last time when you held the paintbrush was in school at the Art lesson where you had to paint dull and dumpy wax tomato, wasn't it? However, deep down you've always been dreaming about painting - just for yourself, effortless and spontaneous, not thinking about the rules and the fact that you don't have a special education...
I want to paint but I'm….scared!..

You're full of playfulness and creative ideas, you sit down, take the blank sheet of paper (or the canvas) and suddenly… Aaaa! Here it is, the fear of "blank canvas", now it's your first-hand experience! (( "What if… I can't make it? What if I spoil it? What if I don't have any talent at all?".. So, looks like it's psychological problem, should you go and have counseling?? How to get rid of these fears and start getting pure satisfaction from the creative process itself?
I wish I never ask myself a question "what gift should I get?" :)

Mom's birthday is tomorrow, then on Friday best friend turns 30.. And you don't know what to get a person who has everything even pure taste.. Do you know it from your own experience that when a guest says "best gift is a handmade gift" and then hands out a bundle, the celebrant reacts with a forced smile?)) But how pleasant it is when you can create something out of nothing, something that your friends and relatives order from you several months ahead - because you have a queue of willing ones!)) And then sooner or later, you'll be able to "monetize" your hobby!
I want more inspiration…

You're a beginning artist. You've learned the principles and laws of composition,
learned rules of the single point perspective… But there's a problem with inspiration...You want to paint but when the hands are reaching the paints, there are no ideas in your mind..
I want to try something new!

You're an "actively painting" artist. Maybe you even have "your style" but now you're looking for some new techniques and mediums to use. You want to re-energise your works, add fresh air to your already recognizable "handwriting", learn some tips and tricks or may be open new chapter of your artistic journey.
I'm interested in acrylics but I don't know it quite well yet…

"Oil and canvas" - here it is, an eternal never aging classic.. but alas! You create your works at home where housemates
wrinkle their noses at the smell of oil paints and thinner made of linseed.. It's impossible to clean up the cat from the viridian green and your hands reveal your "creative nature"... Or are you like me, allergic to oil paints? Good news, the acrylic paint has been invented - no smell, use water to thin it, easy to clean up - no matter what - your hands or your cats))) You came to the art store, bought whatever you laid your eyes on, came home but… it doesn't work, you can't paint with acrylic as with the oil paint, it's completely different.. How to switch to acrylics without wasting your time, paints and what's more important - nerves?
The examples of works
which we're going to paint at the workshop:
about the course on this technique "Colourful":
The course includes 3 lessons
The examples of paintings and description will help you to navigate through 3 variations of the technique and choose the video lesson which suits your needs.
Colourful portrait
The lesson covers all the nuances of the technique and specific tricks on painting stylized portrait of different characters.
Medium and supplies
You'll need the following medium for the workshop:
1. Whatman drawing paper - 8 sheets, 20x15 cm
2. Synthetic round paint brushes №1, 2, 5
3. Acryl paint for artwork - titanium white+5 "warm" and 5 "cold" colours up to your taste
4. A small palette-knife (about 3 cm)
5. Aquarelle pencils - dark-blue or purple ones (recommendations: Faber Castell - Blue Violet colour, №137, Faber Castell - Prussian Blue colour, №246 or same colours from recommended producers like Cretacolor, Derwent, Koh-i-Noor)
6. A cup with water to wash the paintbrush
7. Tissues or paper towels
8. An apron
9. A tablecloth, plastic wrap or sheet of paper to protect the table from the paint
10. A pen and a paper for notes
Svetlana Rumak
about the author
Hi! I'm Svetlana Rumak, a professional artist who works and lives in Moscow.

I've graduated from pedagogical university, Faculty of Art and Graphics, then worked as an art teacher in the private school, as a designer, artist in the puppet theatre… But now, for more than 18 years I am happy to be an independent artist and artwork is my main occupation!))

I paint and draw and travel all over the world, take part in the various Russian and international projects like exhibitions, art-symposiums, art fairs.

My paintings live in private collections in more than 20 countries all over the world. Of course I miss them but I'm sure they are in safe and caring hands. :)

I've been participating in the exhibitions since 1993 – in more than 200 ones – in Russia and abroad. 10 of the exhibitions were personal.

I've been a member of the Artists' Union of Russia since 2002.

I've illustrated 2 books of my favourite ♥ Lewis Carroll for Moscow publishing house "Arbor": "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in 2009 and
"Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There" in 2011.

I've been working for more than 10 years with acrylic paint and developed several unique painting techniques, created 7 workshops and 5 courses based on them.

You can check the schedule of the workshops here.

Since 2014 I've been a co-owner and curator of the Art club " Day" in Moscow where every Wednesday since 2015 (if I'm not travelling) I lead the "Acrylic Club Days". Anyone can visit the art studio from 12 to 9 p.m and learn my original painting techniques.

You can read more about "Acrylic Club Days" here

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We're always in touch!
With every lesson you'll get the access to closed groups in Facebook and Vkontakte where you can share your paintings, get the feedback from Svetlana and chat with other participants.

There Svetlana gives personal feedback about your painting technique and style, answers your questions, uploads her works connected with the topic of the lesson.
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Svetlana Rumak which means the techiques mentioned in the videos and on the website are intellectual property and protected by copyright.

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